IMPROVisation & Acousmartic composition

Sunday 1st October 2023 @ Avant Garden
Film, sound and iPad improvisation with Sue Lynch on flute and tenor Saxophone. Duration 29 minutes. (some extracts) Planning more of this collaboration


Saturday 19th August 2023

The Wavelength Orchestra led by Richard Sanderson, artist in Residence at the Fourth Portal. See video below…









Sunday 11th June 2023

March/April 2023 delighted to be part of this ensemble once again playing Bill Johnson’s Score ‘Gates’

Photos by John Nicoll


Exploring the Immersive Sonic through Deep Listening

Rehearsing before the performance… recorded by John Nicoll


The Horse at Iklectic, invited by Sue Lynch to play with some members of The Noisy Women, April 2022. Great evening @iklectikartlab @horseimprovclub

Ensemble Finale
All photos by John Nicoll
DUO with Charlotte KeeffeDUO with Marilza Gouvea

August 2021: Joint Album Launch at Iklectik with Liz Helman and supported by David Toop.
Flaming Pines recording label

Instruments #1 to #4

OsCiLaTiOnS 2020: on 21st June for the summer solstice a 20 hour livestream of continuous music Improvisation, at Iklectik off-site on youtube

Live streaming performance during Lockdown 2020, London. In four parts referencing my experience of Lockdown. Actual duration 20 min. This is a compilation of extracts.

Saturday Nov 9th 2019 – University of Greenwich Sound/Image conference

I am excited to be presenting my new acousmatic soundscape composition ‘Undercurrent_2’ during this conference. I will be on their fabulous diffusion system again, the Loudspeaker Orchestra, this time in the Listening Room at the university, on Saturday 9th Nov in the afternoon.  University fo Greenwich

Longplayer  Thursday 20th June 2019
40 min performance of ‘Horse Sings From Cloud’ by Pauline Oliveros
The Hither Green Drone Orchestra.
12.50 to 3.30pm


Wednesday 20th Feb 2019

Played a 10min soundscape composition with diffusion system,  accompanied by improvising musician Sue Lynch on clarinet & flute, as part of the Linear Obsessional event at St Allege Church in Greenwich. Organised by Andrew Hill of The University pf Greenwich.

Ambisonic recording by Ian Thompson (extract)


Savour the Day (itself – extract)

December 2nd 2018
Invited by Adam Kinsey to participate in Desire Lines, at Husk Brewers, Victoria Docks, London

Savour the Day, is a 10 minute composition made for improvising musicians to play to. The whole afternoon sessions will be available on mix cloud soon.


June 26th 2018
Screening of Night Drift and improvising to it with Sue Lynch on tenor saxophone and clarinet, and Richard Sanderson on melodeon at the IKLECTIK.

Recorded and mixed by St Austral Sound (extract)

May 20th 2018
Screening of a new version of Night Drift at The Arts Club Lewisham. Playing with Richard Sanderson on melodeon and Charlotte Keefe on trumpet (extract)

December 5th  2017
Screening of A Dead Flower Reanimates a silent film for wind instruments. At the IKLECTIK  During the London New Wind Festival organised by Catherine Pluygers

4 min detail 05.12.2017 from cellsonance on Vimeo.

Oct 2017
Live Improvisation performance at Hundred Years Gallery, Hoxton, October 2017. The piece called ‘Night Drift, explores how sound infiltrates our sleep and our dreams during the night. Based on how the body breathes deeply, then tosses and turns in relation to the sound outside, I bring field recordings and imagined sound, together with the tones and noises of the saxophone and clarinet, tracks by Sue Lynch, to create a composition. The filming, taken from a terrace facing a railway embankment, is created in a dreamy sliding line so as to mimic the freight trains gliding by. In the night one is suspended in a mind world, free from the body. Sounds enter the ears and images float out with the breath. Strangely, this intermittent interruption of the approaching colossal freight trains, with the sound of metal on metal, makes a musical and soothing contribution to sleep. The instrumental sounds bring in this human presence of the listener/sleeper.

October 7 2014
The Horse IMPROV Club at The Dog House, london. 3 short clips (fading to black) covering the 4 ‘Movements’ from the live sound performance. Original duration 11:27 with other sounds not included here.

Dreaming track; night hauntings

In the night one is suspended in a mind world, free from the body. Sounds enter the ears and images float out with the breath. Strangely, this intermittent interruption of the approaching and then gliding freight trains makes a huge musical and soothing contribution to sleep. The heaving mixes in with deep breathing, the clanking of the wheels on the track, metal on metal, highlights the dramas of a dream not remembered.

Set up and ready

Set up and ready

2008 Southbank Centre, Banqueting Hall,  with David Toop’s Unknown Devices. laptop orchestra, the London Sinfonietta, and the RNCM.

DSC01160 nine seven six