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Oct 2017

October 7 2014, The Horse IMPROV Club at The Dog House, london. 3 short clips (fading to black) covering the 4 ‘Movements’ from the live sound performance. Original duration 11:27 with other sounds not included here.

Dreaming track; night hauntings

In the night one is suspended in a mind world, free from the body. Sounds enter the ears and images float out with the breath. Strangely, this intermittent interruption of the approaching and then gliding freight trains makes a huge musical and soothing contribution to sleep. The heaving mixes in with deep breathing, the clanking of the wheels on the track, metal on metal, highlights the dramas of a dream not remembered.

Set up and ready

Set up and ready

2008 Southbank Centre, Banqueting Hall,  with David Toop’s Unknown Devices. laptop orchestra.

DSC01160 nine seven six