skinMy skin, ESEM photograph.

I divide my creative output between sound pieces and my visual works, as well as the daily demands of living with Type 1 Diabetes. I work small with the physical visual work, and like the fact that sound can go out into a big space. There are some projects/ideas that take a long time to process and I find now over the time that has passed, things seemingly lost to our own historical archives regain a relevance later. At the same time I am gathering material for later if not now.  Drawing more is a current preoccupation.
My work in the field of soundscape goes further into the human experience, by exploring the spirit of being in a particular space or situation. I have also started to collaborate more with musicians, especially Sue Lynch, all of whom really listen to my compositions and play into them and not over them.The films and sound compositions I have made and intend to make have the purpose of creating a structure to play within. Like a frame to hang other sound on, notes even. Or to set the musician off in a direction, like a meandering thought.
I am currently working out how to satisfactorily play my own sounds without a laptop so I can more easily join in in with musical improvisation.