Sounds from Lockdown London 2020

This a 5 min patchwork of extracts from the ongoing 20 min composition of the same name to be released in the near future.

MRI Self Portraits – Searching for something.                   






Unfinished but not abandoned
I very much like the idea of the open–ended piece of work. Within my own practice it is part of the artist’s books I make (usually ongoing in their content) and my ongoing sketchbooks. I rarely exhibit this type of work.
I have been working on it on and off, for 6 years so far. The flower coming to life from near death represents just that emotion in a human being. More

Images of artists book shown at Hundred Years Gallery, London, as part of ‘As it Stands: Unrefined, muted,abandoned”, July 2017

BLOOD  A Proposal :

Type 1 Diabetes is an autoimmune dysfunction affecting the levels of sugar in the blood. High levels mean the sugar sticks to the vessels causing untold damage especially over time. The whole vascular system can be affected, from the larger arteries around the heart down to the tiny blood vessels of the feet. MORE

Artist Book
Can you hear me’ (collage with images of self and medical objects), and the beast over my shoulder. Hand made book using ‘stabbing’ (oversewn binding) and long stitch techniques. Dimensions: 8cm x 20cm, 10 pages in portrait, 10 pages in landscape. watch the video here

Garcia Stone-Can you hear me?_1

Garcia Stone-Can you hear me?_2


bear screamThe subject of my art has always been the human body. I express our experience of living with it in this world, and within particular spaces and situations.  From an ongoing concern with conveying my 41 years of living with Type 1 Diabetes and its complications, the book “Can you hear me?’  gives the disturbing experiences a tangible form. I lighten the burden by turning my insides outwards, sometimes in the form of hats, and I release hauntings and demons. These are aesthetic interpretations of viscera and an approach to the materials involved in my daily treatment.

Book 1 coffin copy

beast over shoulder

bond syringe

heads& retinaGarcia Stone-Can you hear me?_7



can you hear me 2


The following book is in the University of Kent rare books collection

2. ‘SUBCUTANEOUS;  I want my beta cells back‘. Dimensions: 20cm x 20cm, 40 pages. Photographic (and partly didactic).










In process:


Within this book there are many smaller sections. Most of this paper will be replaced with superimposed acetates of imagery of the tubing I use with the silhouettes when I fill my insulin pump. These images will build to a depth of 3 dimensions, and create, along with the cover,  a linear and criss-cross pattern. Pattern Pattern…
Garcia Stone-Abstract_3
spine stitching copy many pages copy
 Book 3’s progress  – a view through the acetate page additions:
print2 copy layers book 3 copy